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Asking and Listening Workshop (One Day)

Asking and Listening Workshop (One Day)

Essential Question: 

How do I ask and listen to empathise better with others?


The workshop introduces learners to the foundation step of the WYS methodology: listening – a concept and practice that they will be using and practising throughout the WYS workshops. Active listening is a skill which allows learners to be truly present, to set aside their distractions, and to listen more deeply.

Learners begin to understand how stories help us connect with each other. They are encouraged to make a habit of asking and actively listening. Learners will reflect on their values. By the end of the workshop, they will have begun to broaden their perspective and to recognise the diversity of belief and background of their peers and others around them.


  • Active listening
  • Bias
  • Culture
  • Values
  • Empathy
  • Frame
  • FRAME methodology
  • Belly breathing
  • Stop, Breathe, Listen, Respond (SBLR)


Workshop Outline

Activity: Two truths, one lie10 min
I am not listening30 min
Active listening30 min
What can I hear?20 min
Active listening10 min
Break30 min
My frame10 min
Your frame20 min
Break (optional)10 min
Ask and listen60 min
Empathy5 min
Exit ticket5 min
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  • 4 Sections
  • 4 Videos

Course Content

  • Introduction
  • Section A
      Activity 1: I am not listening (20 min)
      Activity 2: Active Listening (30 min)
      Activity 3: What can I hear (10 min)
  • Section B
      Activity 4: My Frame (10 min)
      Activity 5: Your Frame (20 min)
      Activity 6: Ask and Listen (20 min)
  • Conclusion
      Activity 1: Watch the Empathy video (5 min)
      Activity 2: Exit Ticket (20 min)
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