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Like Water is For Fish

Like Water is for Fish is the first book by medical doctor, founding CEO of Heartlines, and co-founder of Soul City Institute Dr Garth Japhet. The book explores the power of story in our lives, how story has influenced him and how he's used it to influence others.

ZAR 150.00

What's Your Story? Church Toolkit

A toolkit to promote understanding, trust and reconciliation through personal storytelling for church and small groups. Includes a DVD with powerful examples of storytelling.

ZAR 80.00

8 Films 8 Values Box Set

A box set of all eight films produced during Heartline's first campaign. Each film uses entertaining, thought-provoking stories to explore a different value. 

ZAR 220.00

Nothing for Mahala

Nothing for Mahala tells the story of Axe, a man with a taste for the soft life who finds himself having to do community service at an old age home after his flashy lifestyle leads to trouble with the law. 

ZAR 100.00

Beyond the River Resource for High Schools

This resource contains three lessons for high school learners that can be used in class, on camps or in after school clubs. It is suitable for all high school grades and includes a DVD with video clips from the film Beyond the River.

ZAR 30.00

Beyond the River Resource for Church Youth Groups

This hard copy resource includes scenes from the Beyond the River movie along with lessons to encourage conversations and learning about the power of diversity.

ZAR 40.00

What's Your Story? for Church Youth Groups

A resource for church youth leaders on promoting understanding and trust through personal storytelling.

ZAR 40.00

What's Your Story? High School DVD

A resource for high schools teachers with four lessons on promoting understanding and trust through personal storytelling.

ZAR 40.00

Beyond the River

Despite coming from very different worlds, in 2014 Siseko Ntondini and Piers Cruickshanks won gold in the tough Dusi Canoe Marathon. This movie tells their amazing story and will resonate with every South African.

ZAR 120.00