Story-sharing and Grief

Loss, death, and grief are inevitable and universal, but COVID-19 and lockdowns have meant we have to confront death, dying, illness and trauma in a more isolating and tragic way. When we neglect to deal with changes in our lives, ignoring and repressing our grief and pain, this negatively impacts our body, mind, and spirit. The pain will then inevitably resurface in some other way, often in forms that are damaging and destructive to ourselves and others.

As the church, we have a key role to play as a wellspring of God’s hope, healing, and resilience.

Allowing spaces for congregants to express pain, and have authentic conversations with God and others, is crucial for healing. It helps us to deal with our pain, acknowledge our brokenness and face our sufferings actively together with a renewed hope.

This resource is a guide for how you can use story-sharing in your church programmes to address grief and stress. It includes practical ideas on how to run What’s Your Story? story-sharing exercises to help your church members.

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BOOKLET: Story sharing and Grief
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