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It’s often said that the most divided time in a town, village or country is a Sunday morning, because church gatherings are such segregated spaces. We sit next to each other during a service, worship alongside one another, learn together in a small group – yet we don’t really know each other.

If we don’t know those within our own church, within our own family, how can we reach those beyond our community? Also, if we don’t get to grips with our own story, it’s harder to see our connectedness to a bigger story.
When we share in each other’s stories, we start to understand one another better. We also start seeing the reasons behind the things that separate or divide us, and discover some new things that may unite us.

As Christians, using story-sharing, we should be the ones modelling the mandate of Jesus Christ to: "Love one another as I have loved you."

The heart of What’s Your Story? is exactly that: how to love others as Christ loved us, in a way that makes them feel heard, respected, understood and welcomed.

What’s Your Story? is a tool to build healthier relationships and a kinder, more understanding world through sharing in each other’s stories. Through a series of print resources, videos and online courses, you can be empowered to roll out What’s Your Story? wherever you are.

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