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With Heartlines Consulting

With Heartlines Consulting

If you think your company would benefit from some support as you work to improve relationships, cultivate better teamwork, augment communication and create a greater sense of inclusion, our for-profit arm, Heartlines Consulting offers tailored, world-class facilitation.

Heartlines Consulting has a simple mission: to help its clients build social capital across their businesses. We believe that our history and our team equip us well for this task.

Our approach

We co-create solutions with our clients to inspire and equip people to safely engage with each other – with curiosity, empathy, and a desire to share in each other’s personal stories.

Engagement leads to better understanding and greater trust – resulting in healthy relationships and higher productivity.

Our approach has had a proven, positive impact on the pain points around diversity, racism and prejudice.

Our approach contributes towards building an inclusive workplace and creating a culture where all people feel connected, engaged and valued.

Client testimonies

"I think that the techniques and methodologies used were exceptional.
"- Mike Gendel
"The facilitation of the process was world-class.
"- Adeshia Singh
"Empathy is such a crucial thing in terms of different people from different backgrounds, different races and how everyone feels about the transformation.
"- Ahmed Tilly