Across your company

Across your company

Could your company benefit from better communication, improved relationships, a greater sense of inclusion and better teamwork? What's Your Story? for the workplace could be a hugely helpful tool to build increased cohesion in your business.

We have two avenues available to help you achieve this. The first is a do-it-yourself toolkit that you can download from this website, including a facilitator's guide, which can be used to run story-sharing exercises with the different groups of people in your company.

To access our resources, click here. 

Alternatively, you can contact our Heartlines Consulting team for a quote on having a tailored story-sharing experience facilitated by our world-class team of consultants. 

Why story?

Story-sharing builds social capital that can have a significant, positive impact in your organisation. 

“We got to understand each other better. We work together better. We speak openly and not keep quiet. We communicate better.”
WYS Participant

How to get started