Working with fathers

Working with fathers

Fathers Matter aims to strengthen community organisations, groups and churches that want to promote the positive active presence of fathers, by providing resources and tools that can help men become better fathers.

Where do I get resources and tools about fatherhood?

Our aim is to equip and connect individuals and organisations who champion fathers. Here are some tools that may help you strengthen your work. 

Read our fatherhood report

This research into fatherhood in South Africa was the foundation for the Fathers Matter project. 

Get connect group resources

Get all the resources and online course content you need to for running a Fathers Matter Connect Group.

Watch webinars

Our collection of webinars includes topics such as overcoming toxic masculinities and positive interventions for fathers.

Get discussion starters

We've created these prompts to help small groups have discussions about their fatherhood journeys.

Get tips on WhatsApp

Our research identified a skills and information gap that fathers often experience on their fatherhood journey. The Fathers Matter WhatsApp platform was developed to bridge that gap by providing practical tips to fathers on how they can be more positively involved in their children’s lives at every life stage of their children’s journey.

Fathers can WhatsApp “Hi” to 060 058 2107 to access the tips.

How do I connect with other father organisations?

It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a community to champion fathers. You are not alone! Fathers Matter wants to help connect different people and organisations working to overcome fatherhood challenges in South Africa. Here are some of the ways you can do that:

Join the FM network

Our networking events aim to facilitate connection and collaboration in this sector and, through that, to increase impact.

View our fatherhood directory

Find out more about other organisations working with fathers from our online directory.

Become a FM champion

Fathers Matter Champions is a Facebook community of men supporting men as they grow in becoming more actively and positively present in their children's lives.