Partner profile: Father a Nation


We’re featuring different organisations from the Fathers Matter directory to give an overview of what they do. In this edition, we spoke to the founder of Father A Nation, Craig Wilkinson.

What does Father A Nation do?

Father A Nation runs a variety of programmes to restore and equip men to be great fathers, mentors and role models and to stand against gender-based violence.

Who does Father A Nation help?

Teenage boys, men, fathers, mothers and single parents.

What will it cost you to participate?

Programmes are sponsored so the beneficiaries don’t pay.

How can you get hold of Father A Nation?

www.fatheranation.co.za or craig@fatheranation.co.za 

What do you want people to know about parenting?

Fathers are the most important men in their children’s lives and mothers are the most important women in their children’s lives. How we parent our children is the single biggest influence on their happiness, emotional wholeness and success in life and relationships.

Everyone has what it takes to be a great parent but it doesn’t just happen, we need to be intentional and fully committed to being everything our children need us to be.


29 Jun 2021|eTV: The Morning Show

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