In its first week of being live, the forgood website has attracted 350 groups which are using the platform to attract people who are wanting to connect with others to do good.

Groups are organised per interest group, and so far "Building Communities" has the biggest number of groups formed, with 76 groups. These range from "Jewels of Hope", an organisation that enables rural people to make a living by marketing the jewellery that they produce, to 10 000 T-shirts for charities, which operates at markets, and says "Come to the activity with two white 100% cotton T-shirts. One for yourself and one for a child. You will be shown how to dye the T-shirts in cheerful rainbow colours." Then you keep one, and a child gets a new T-shirt!

There are 16 other interest areas, which include Arts and Culture, Sport and recreation, Youth, Mentoring, Living my faith (one for each of the four major faith groupings) and Education, which has the second highest number of groups so far, with 51.

HEARTLINES has been doing roadshows around the country to encourage NGOs and charities to sign up and use the platform.


Mobilising Igniters for good across South Africa

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