We will walk on

We will walk on

* As we commemorate one year since the passing of Madiba, Seth Naicker says continued reconciliation requires authenticity and intentionality. *


Today, one year after his passing, we remember and commemorate our honourable Madiba. This morning I watched Ahmed Kathrada speak about his friend, brother and mentor, Nelson Rohlihlahla Mandela. Uncle Kathy recalled something I thought was key; that Nelson Mandela was a team player who considered people and their points of view.


I am honoured to have met Madiba. I believe some people would say I shook the hand that shook the world, but that moment shook my heart, my soul and my being. I felt his “Madiba magic”. I sensed his heart and I am forever grateful that his life, teaching and legacy will remain with me.


I have also had the humbling experience of working with Uncle Kathy, and have marvelled at his retelling of our nation’s journey towards reconciliation. In my face-to-face engagement with him, I have learnt about the intentionality needed for true reconciliation to take place.


Today we are challenged anew: will we be true to the call of seeing no-one from a worldly point of view? Many of us overlook this precursor of reconciliation mentioned by the apostle Paul.


Will we lay down our prejudice and fear of the unknown and enter into a common place where acceptance and understanding are celebrated?


As we remember Madiba’s legacy today, let’s get real and authentic with reconciliation. Let’s replace weak declarations and cheap proclamations with the type of action that spurs a lifelong movement. May the spirit of Madiba, and the living testimonies of Kathrada and true reconcilers like them live on in our acting justly, loving mercy, and walking humbly in faith.


Seth Naicker is a Reconciliation Entrepreneur and a facilitator on the HEARTLINES Values & Money campaign. 


Written by Heartlines

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