Values in Action Roadshow to inspire people to “do good for change”

RoadshowLarge2 RoadshowLarge4February 2009: HEARTLINES is hosting a series of countrywide roadshows with community members, including business, religious and NGO representatives as well as government officials to inspire and empower South Africans to “do good for change” by calling for values in action.

Aptly named ‘6 weeks of values in action’ the campaign will coincide with the screening of the long awaited HEARTLINES television series HOPEVILLE, which airs on SABC 2 on March 3.

Starring Jody Abrahams, Leleti Khumalo, Desmond Dube, Fana Mokoena, Themba Ndaba, Mary Twala and Terry Pheto, HOPEVILLE tells the story of one man who has the courage to do what is right. By living his values he not only transforms his own life, but that of a town and a community.

The series of roadshows that HEARTLINES’ is hosting are aimed at encouraging community members and government officials to work together and “do good for change” in the six weeks that HOPEVILLE screens, in the belief that this will strengthen relationships and that people will continue to work together beyond the six weeks of HOPEVILLE.

The mini-series continues the HEARTLINES’ tradition of using television to tell stories that get the nation talking, thinking and acting on good values.

In 2006 HEARTLINES made headlines when its series of eight films on values, broadcast over eight weeks on SABC, sparked a nationwide discussion on values. The films, which received critical acclaim and have won many international awards, reached over 7.3 million people and led to at least 4.5 million values related conversations.

Says social change expert and HEARTLINES Director Dr Garth Japhet, “HEARTLINES’ vision is that when HOPEVILLE screens, each and every South African will join the 6 weeks of values in action, and do good for change. If everyone lives their good values in these 6 weeks, good will ripple throughout the country.”

While HEARTLINES is using the 6 weeks that HOPEVILLE screens to promote values-based actions that support youth development, specifically restoring recreational facilities, promoting the mentorship of youth and supporting literacy and libraries, Dr Japhet is very quick to point out that “a better country starts with small actions”, and that any good action, no matter how seemingly insignificant, will make a difference.”

“Given the right inspiration and support many people will do good for change. Good values are a strong unifying factor for all South Africans irrespective of race, creed, age or economic status,” said Dr Japhet. “We can bring change in our country if we all just take the time to live out our good values – regardless of how big or small our actions may be.” said Dr Zolile Mlisana, chairman of the HEARTLINES Board.

Additional information:

HEARTLINES is an NGO that started in 2002. It uses the mass media (radio and television) and training materials to help people live their good values, thereby addressing key social issues.

The reason that Heartlines emphasizes values is because unlike other initiatives which tend to tackle behaviour change from a health, legal and human rights perspective, HEARTLINES goes to the root cause of behaviour, namely values. HEARTLINES challenges people (irrespective of gender, age or religion) to live out positive values in a way that will build people, families, communities and the nation.

In 2006 HEARTLINES developed a series of 8 short films– which screened on SABC 2. This period – ‘8 weeks, 8 values, 1 national conversation’ – was very successful: the 8 films reached over 7,3 million people, resulted in over 82,000 additional acts of caring for people with HIV/AIDS and led to at least 4,5 million values related conversations.

The eight film series, produced by Curious Pictures, also won many major local and international awards, including:

  • Three South African Film and Television Awards: Producer Mariki van der Walt and Director Angus Gibson won the Best Movie for TV Movies award, Patrick Mofokeng, who played conflicted father Solomon Sithole in one of the eight films walked off with the Best Actor in a TV Drama award, while Megan Gill won Best Editor in a TV Drama for her work on the movie.
  • Best South African Feature Award at the Durban Film Festival
  • Best Dramatic Feature Award at the Byron Bay Film Festival in Australia in 2008
  • The Good Provider, one of the films was awarded Best Youth and family drama at the 2007 BANFF World Television Awards
  • Special Recognition Award at the 2007 New Orleans International Human Rights Film Festival
  • Remi Creative Award at the 2007 Houston World Fest
  • SPECIAL JURY PRIZE/ Sony D-Cinema Award at the 2007 Skip City International Festival in Japan
  • Awarded Best feature Film at the 2007 Baja California Film Festival in Tiajuana, Mexico
  • HOPEVILLE will screen for six weeks on SABC 2, starting Tuesday 3 March 2009 at 19h30.

For more information please contact: Claire Taylor, 072 341 3898,

Written by Heartlines

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