The Piano

Director: Angus Gibson
Writer: Roger Smith and Michèle Rowe
Director of Photography: Thomas Marais
Editor: Megan Gill
Languages: This film was shot in Afrikaans, drug English and isiXhosa


Errol Tyres is an upstanding citizen, viagra active in the community and church. Deeply in love with Berenice, his wife of 30 years, Errol decides to buy her a piano after hearing how much she loved to play before they married. To pay for the instrument, Errol “borrows” money from the church fund – convinced he’ll be able to repay the money with his Christmas bonus. But when his bonus does not materialise, Errol turns to Denver Daniels, a notorious gangster. In return for a loan, Errol agrees to act as a character witness for Denver who is on trial for statutory rape. However, Errol finds himself torn between keeping his promise and his standing in the community which will suffer if he testifies on Denver’s behalf. Errol’s dishonesty with his wife, also erodes their once-close relationship. When Denver is gunned down, Errol finds himself off the hook. But still his life continues to unravel. When will Errol learn that only the truth can set you free? Directed by the acclaimed Angus Gibson, The Piano delivers stars Andre Samuels as Errol and Esmerelda Bihl as Berenice.


Andre Samuels – Errol
Andre Samuels studied drama at the University of Cape Town. He has appeared in “Beelde”, “Vuurtoring”, “Zap Zap” and M-Net’s “Sexy Girls”. He has also made guest appearances on Afrikaans soap opera “7de Laan”. The Piano is his second film. Samuels is touring schools in and around Cape Town to motivate Grade 12 learners. He said “The Piano” had touched him emotionally. “South Africa needs more of its own work to be flighted on South African television and the whole world needs to see this, because the values are very strong and speak for them.” Samuels believes that every South African will be able to identify with his film because it not only reflects daily issues faced by South African families, but also the choices people are forced to make all the time.

David Isaacs – Denver Daniels
David Isaacs was born into a family of musicians and started playing piano at the age of four. He made his stage debut in the operetta “Old King Cole” when he was seven and decided to pursue a career as an actor after performing in “The Caucasian Chalk Circle” while in high school. Upon leaving school, he opted to study drama at the University of Cape Town. Isaac’s first professional role was in the CAPAB production “Kinkels Innie Kabel”, a musical by Andre P Brink. Isaacs has also appeared in “Fishy F ê shuns” playing the character, Dino. He was nominated for an Avanti award for best supporting actor in a comedy for this role. In 2000, he teamed up with Oscar Petersen and Heinrich Deisenhofer to create “Joe Barber”. He has also appeared in the television series “SOS”. He won an Avanti Award for Best Actor in a television role in 2001 and was nominated for an FNB Vita theatre award for best comedy in 2002. Says Isaacs of “The Piano”: “It’s not only home brewed, but the strong values in the film have really moved me as an artist to a whole different level.”

Esmerelda Bihl – Berenice
After studying drama, Esmeralda Bihl landed the lead role in SABC’s drama series “Vierspel” in 1994. She has also appeared in “Generations”, “Onder Draai Die Duiwel Rond”, “Yizo Yizo” and “Justice for All”. Other television credits include “Geraas”, as presenter of the Afrikaans music show, “Behind the Badge”, “Song vir Katryn” and “Thetha Msawawa”. Her theatre roles include Athol Fugard’s “Valley Song” and the lead in Janet Suzman’s “The Cherry Orchard” at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre in the UK. She has also appeared in the films “God is African” and “Blood On Our Hands”. She says she “loved every line” of “The Piano”.

Sylvia Esau – Chantal
Sylvia Esau attended Warwick University in the United Kingdom where she studied for a Bachelor of Arts degree. She first appeared on television in M-Net’s 1996 “Angel in My Pocket”. She has also appeared in “Reality Two” performed at the Baxter Theatre in Cape Town and “Bosman and Lena”, “Joanie Galant” and “Traan vir ons Moses” at the Nico Malan Theatre.

Ivan Abrahams – Roland
Ivan Abrahams completed a Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Cape Town. He also did a British Theatre Association acting and directing course. Abraham’s television roles include “Stray Bullet” on M-Net, “The Game” and “Generations”. His theatre work includes “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, “The Tempest”, “King Lear”, “Macbeth”, “Anthony and Cleopatra” and “Kanna hy kô hystoe”. Abrahams was awarded an FNB Vita Award in 2000 for best leading actor for “SUIP”.

Dean Fourie – Michael Jennings
Dean Fourie has appeared in “Generations”, “The Syndicate”, “Daisy”, and a BBC production on the life of Cecil John Rhodes.

Eyodia Samson – Elsie Daniels
Eyodia Samson studied drama at the University of Cape Town. Her television roles include “Fishy F ê shuns”, “Big Oaks”, “Madam & Eve” and “Backstage”.

Mary Daniels – Brenda
Mary Daniels matriculated in 1976 and joined a charity drama project called Shamrocks. She has appeared in “Distrix Six -The Musical”. Daniels scooped a FNB Vita award for “SUIP”.

Locations and further information:
This film was the second of the Heartlines Series shot in Cape Town, this time in the mostly Afrikaans speaking community of Ruyterwacht.


Isaiah Winston Ntshona MLA
Errol Andre Samuels Sybil Sands
Berenice Esmeralda Bihl MLA
Chantal Sylvia Esau Cape Artistes Agency
Brenda Mary Daniels Sybil Sands
Roland Ivan Abrahams Sybil Sands
Mr Rose Fahruq Valley-Omar APM
Mrs Rose Magaret Koopman Independent
Denver Daniels David Isaacs ERM
Elsie Daniels Eyodia Samson APM
Alfred Peter Butler Sybil Sands
Kathleen Celeste Matthews APM
Michael Jennings Jr. Dean Fourie Sybil Sands
Samuel Jennings Robin Rattle Sybil Sands
Piano Salesman Peter Butler Cape Artistes Agency
Bank Manager June van Merch APM
Lawyer Koen Rajesh Gobi Independent
Magistrate Terry Fortune Independent


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