Questions asked:
1. Who is your sports role model?
2. If that role model messes up, and should we forgive them or kick them while they’re down?
3. Is there still racism in sport?

Mlindeli Maneli (14), salve Soweto
1. Percy Montgomery
2. We should forgive them because what they do is for fun and they also make mistakes.
3. Yes, troche in rugby and in many places

Ryan Claasen (22), Eldorado Park
1. Ronaldo
2. We should forgive them because they are also human and deserve a second chance
3. Yes, in rugby and on provincial level in general in other sports too. There is also racism in cricket but not so much in soccer.

Ayanda Mkhize (14), Orlando Gardens, Soweto
1. Tiger Woods
2. Forgive them. They are only human and people make mistakes. We should focus on the positives.
3. Yes, there is some. In rugby there are too many white people who are like ‘Us boertjies grew up with rugby and boerwors’ and in soccer there are too many black people. They are picking people according to race.

Nablata Bhoola (53), Mayfair
1. Ronaldinho
2. They have to deal with a lot of pressure, tension and nerves so we should forgive them because we all make mistakes.
3. Not too much. Maybe only when it gets to the selection of national teams.

Bongani Tivana (21), Orlando
1. Ronaldinho
2. It depends on the mistake but not necessarily because no matter how good they are at soccer or whatever they must be judged the same as I would.
3. Not really but I only know about soccer

Caiphus Ndebele (35), South Hills
1. Any of the Chiefs players
2. I would forgive them if they did something wrong. They are human and make mistakes.
3. Yes. Cricket is getting better and rugby too but we have to get everyone interested in those sports to level the playing fields. Boxing has a mixture of black and white but it’s mostly black.

Michael Collocot (38), West Rand
1. Tiger Woods
2. If they take a humble approach and plead for forgiveness, we should. But it depends on their attitude and only if they are not arrogant.
3. I think so – in rugby and cricket to a lesser extent but it is getting better. It is improving as time goes by but it will take a while.

Thabo Tsotetsi (25), Khatlehong
1. Thierry Henry
2. They are human and make mistakes like anyone else so we should forgive them.
3. No, not really. I’m not sure about other sports codes but not in soccer.

Margaret Coxen (21), Turfontein
1. Shaun Pollock
2. Obviously we should forgive them
3. I have no idea. Probably not.

Lucky Manyama (49), Soweto
1. Jabu Pule, Makhaya Ntini
2. Forgive them. They are superstars so they deserve special treatment
3. Yes, in cricket and in golf. There aren’t equal opportunities for everyone

Darian Israel (24), Florida
1. Ronaldinho
2. I would first have to evaluate the situation and then decide.
3. Yes, mostly in rugby

Parshotam Chhiba (65), Lenasia
1. Roger Federer
2. If they repent and change their ways and prove they are worthy of forgiveness then we should but the circumstances should be taken into account because in the top echelons people try to get hold of you and you can be lured into something bad.
3. It’s been a very short time still so I think the playing fields are still not level yet. The underprivileged are still underprivileged.

Katleho Mmoto (19), Parktown
1. Nthabiseng Moabi
2. I would see what it was first and evaluate the situation but I don’t think I would forgive them.
3. Yes, in rugby mostly

Trenton Booth (28), Eldorado Park
1. Lance Klusener, Makhaya Ntini
2. If it was something really stupid I wouldn’t forgive but I would have to think about it.
3. There is most definitely racism in soccer.

Zakhe Chamane (16), Greenside
1. Luis Figo
2. Yes, everyone is human and deserves a second chance
3. Yes, especially in rugby

Nedia Faquir (37), Cape Town
1. Ronaldinho
2. Forgiveness is a process and it doesn’t come easily. It also depends what the situation is.
3. Racism is all over, in sport as well.

Sidwell Muthembi (25), Soweto
1. Jabu Pule
2. I think that everyone deserves a second chance so we should forgive them
3. Yes, in rugby
Tshediso Mamoto (23), Orlando West
1. Ronaldinho
2. I wouldn’t forgive them because they would be breaking the law.
3. There is not a lot of racism in sport but maybe a little in rugby.

Mohamed Karim (28), Robertsham
1. Juan Pablo Montoya
2. I would have to see what it was first before I forgave them.
3. Yes but rugby seems to be getting better and cricket seems to have enough players of colour to keep everyone quiet.

Frederick Ntshaba (24), South Hills
1. Thierry Henry
2. I would forgive him because he’s the best player. We have to remember that people make mistakes.
3. There are no blacks in rugby so there is definitely racism in rugby.

By Karien Jonckheere.

Written by Heartlines

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