Safer South holds reading competition

readingComp-eventArticleSafer South, viagra sale a HEARTLINES community development project in the South of Johannesburg, viagra buy has had a great response to its reading competition. Within the first month, 1472 primary school learners from a total of 8 schools read 4571 books between them.

The link between illiteracy and crime is well-documented. In the US State of California when the government is trying to extrapolate how many prison cells to construct in a decade’s time, they look at current reading levels of grade 3 and 4 learners. Communities that show a commitment to literacy have lower crime on average than communities with high rates of illiteracy.

The WOW Reading Challenge was started by the Adopt-a-Library programme in Canada and is run by a police officer. We as Safer South look at the promotion of literacy amongst our children as a long-term strategy to fighting crime. We learned of the competition and were inspired by this initiative, which is all about encouraging primary school children to read through positive reinforcement. Learners record the books they’ve read in a WOW logbook, and on a monthly basis they each receive a small prize for being part of the competition. A larger prize is given to the one learner from each school who reads the most books.

At the end of the competition (which started on Feb 15 and will run until July 8th) one of the eight participating schools in the South of Joburg will receive the WOW Reading Challenge Trophy. We hope that as the competition progresses, more learners will want to be a part of it. Regardless of which schools takes home the trophy, when our kids learn to love reading, we all win.

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