Reflections on forgiveness

This week we’ve heard all the reasons why we should forgive. We’ve heard some powerful stories about people who have gone through hectic stuff, treatment and managed to forgive the person who wronged them. They’ve spoken about how it has freed them up to fulfill their personal potential.

What does that mean for us as a country? Are we failing to achieve our potential because our lack of forgiveness is holding us back? Are we truly free?

In 2004, unhealthy when we as Heartlines sat down to look at the values that we felt we needed to address, prostate it was difficult to know where to start. In South Africa, a very high percentage of people are aligned to one of the main faiths, which all subscribe to a set of good values. So we all know that in theory, we should be respecting, forgiving, persevering and being honest. But do we act out these values in our daily lives? How do we go about bridging the gap between theory and action?

Values education is not something that you can necessarily teach in the usual manner. As humans, we are much better wired to learn through story. This is why we as Heartlines make films about people, and we capture stories. Hearing someone else’s story gets us to think about our own story. We can apply our thinking both to our own personal spaces, as well as our place in the bigger story of our country. Yours might not be as dramatic a story as someone whose father was killed, or as in our Heartlines film, the Crossroads, a father whose son was killed.

But you have a story, and there’s probably someone in that story that you need to forgive. We hope we’ve inspired you to some action in this week focused on the value of forgiveness.

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Jennifer Charlton reflects on the value of forgiveness

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