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Teaching positive values through telling stories is a tradition that has been used for centuries in many cultures, Heartlines is working within this tradition. Research has shown that an important age for learning values is the 3-7 category. To target this age group, Heartlines has produces a read-aloud story book for parents to use to initiate discussion about values in the home.

The HEARTLINES read-aloud story book, Stories that Talk, is a collection of 10 picture stories, each revolving around one value. The stories have different genres, some are realistic, others fables, some funny, some with more pictures than others. They are illustrated by different artists. The stories are interspersed with pages for adults. These include discussion questions and information on how to develop the particular value explored in the story in young children.

Some of the country’s leading children’s story tellers have contributed to the collection. They include Gcina Mhlophe, Glynis Clacherty, Kopano Sechele and Marianna Brandt. The stories are set in a range of South African contexts, from rural to township, city to veld. The collection was selected and edited by Glynis Clacherty and Sally Howes, in conjunction with HEARTLINES.

Stories that Talk is NOW available in other South African languages.




A 16-lesson classroom workbook and DVD for life orientation teachers of grades 10 and 11 learners. Developed in consultation with the Department of Education, this resource is being distributed via the Department to all high schools in South Africa.



heartlines For Youth HEARTLINES FOR YOUTH

HEARTLINES brings you a new resource aimed at 10-16 year olds, to help you put your values into action.

This new stimulating and fun resource takes young people through an exercise which will help them to identify values which they can take to heart constructively, good values which will have impact on their community. It tells stories of how other young South Africans have succeeded in living out their own values. The main section of the book takes them through a step-by-step guide, as they give these values power by acting together: planning a project, making it work, completing it successfully. Adult community leaders will recognize the growth of personal maturity and community action – exactly what we all need for success in these challenging times.




Values&Money Challenge The latest of our resources in the Values & Money Campaign, this is a 6-session challenge aimed at youth and young adults.  The HEARTLINES Values & Money Challenge for Youth gets young people talking about moolah – how to earn, spend, save, borrow and give it away. With a fresh, funky design and real-life case studies relevant to young people, it will start challenging conversations about our values when it comes to money.

This facilitator’s guide includes clips from the award-winning film, Nothing for Mahala. To order this resource for yourself, your classroom, lecture room or youth group, email