Money makes you funny

Money makes you funny

* Seth Naicker asks whether money is making you funny – and he’s not joking. *


Seth Naicker

Seth Naicker and his family

I grew up in a home where my dad warned me every now and again of the dangers of money. My dad, having grown up in an apartheid Indian South African working-class family, was wary of the potential power that money had to make one funny.


You may be wondering what I am talking about so here’s the breakdown. My dad’s terminology of money making you funny was not that money made you humorous, instead he meant that the pursuit of money, wealth and chasing it with all your vigour had the potential to corrupt you, and diminish your value.


Now many years later I am still blessed to have my dad in my life. His guidance has helped me to become a man with values and morals, pursuing a life where money is required but it is not the be all and end all of me.


Our conversation today, however, is go for it, make the money you require to manage your life and be a blessing to others, but don’t allow money to rob you of your joy, peace and integrity.


We see how the pursuit of money through irregular, illegal and outrageous means, has robbed many people in our society of their integrity. The greed for money – and loads of it – has rendered many a leader in different spheres of our professional society with their hands and whole bodies swimming around in the cookie jar.


It has been helpful for me, with my middle-class access to work in communities and with people who come from the other side of the economic railway line. In this conflicting space I have had to contend with my middle-class needs in the midst of people who have a different set of needs, based on different levels or lack of economic access.


So be careful that your pursuit of money does not lead to the corruption of your being. Find a way to exist in a place and space that reminds you of what is a need and what is just sheer greed. Be aware in this day and age: don’t let money make you funny!


Seth Naicker is a Reconciliation Entrepreneur and a facilitator on the HEARTLINES Values & Money campaign

Written by Heartlines

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