Nothing for Mahala The campaign

Nothing for Mahala The campaign

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Let’s talk about money
Overspending, unsecured lending and money troubles seem to be the order of the day. Living up to the Motsepes and the Ruperts has become a growing phenomenon in Mzansi – often to the detriment of family life and even to the point of compromising the law.

Too many of us are spending more than we earn, contributing to a debt crisis. Too many of us want to get rich quick, leading to a rise in corruption.

It’s evident our nation needs some real conversations about values and money.

Talking about money can be a serious, sensitive topic. To take the eina out of it all, this campaign is led by the comedy film Nothing for Mahala. So we can all laugh with a tear in our eye while challenging our attitudes to moolah.

What are our objectives with this campaign?
We want to touch hearts and transform pockets – in a good way. This campaign aims to:

  • Get the nation talking about values & money
  • Positively change how we earn, save and spend our money – and how we give it away
  • Highlight organisations offering practical skills on money management

Our hope is to see individuals, families and society transformed about social issues such as materialism, indebtedness, crime, corruption, overspending and job creation.

How can I follow the campaign?

  • Contact Heartlines to find out if there will be a roadshow to your area some time soon
  • Get your family, colleagues, faith group, business, etc to watch the film (DVD available)
  • Make use of Heartlines resources to start a conversation about values and money
  • Join the conversation on our Nothing for Mahala page

If you’d like your organisation or community to be part of this campaign, contact us at

Axe, Mike, Pule