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The “Values in Action” campaign was supported by several resources aimed at families, church groups, individuals, municipalities and schools.  The campaign began on 3 March 2009. Research indicated that it inspired over 450 community-led social projects in 6 months.

Heartlines aimed to inspire people to:

Do random acts of kindness – Clean up the area outside your neighbour’s house, Visit an elderly person and offer to do a chore for them or offer to look after the child of a single parent for a day)
Organise with others to undertake projects that will affect one or many people. (Such as: restore a place where children play such as a park, support the local public library or paint the walls of a school that needs it.)

The tools to achieve this included:

A campaign using “new media” which included the use of Mxit, mms, sms e-mail and the web.

The Forgood movement.
People were encouraged to join the Forgood movement. This is a movement of people (already numbering more than 23 000), who are dedicated to living out their values “For good.” This is a virtual movement through which Heartlines supports members through sms, e-mail and they in turn live their values and build relationships. www.forgood.co.za is now a fully fledged separate initiative.

The Heartlines mentorship programme.
One way in which people can really reach out, build relationships and make a lasting difference, is to mentor a young person. Heartlines started a programme that supports people to mentor a young person they already know. This was supported by a print resource, a helpline, and ongoing e-mail and sms support.

Resources for Faith Based Organisations
Heartlines produced a resource to help people in FBOs to organise themselves to do projects that will affect one or many people.

A Resource for Youth.
Heartlines has produced a resource to help young to organise themselves to do projects that will affect one or many people.

This resource resulted in the formation of www.empowervate.co.za is an NGO which runs the programme, Y-CAP (Youth Citizens Action Programme). This was born out of Heartlines’ Values in Action book for school groups.

See resources for more of the Values in Action books and resources.