activity1 activity2Attending a HEARTLINES Columba 1400SA leadership academy is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Ten learners, look together with two teachers and the school principal, cheap are taken away into the bush for 6 days, adiposity where they learn about values-based leadership. Three lucky schools are involved in a three-year programme with HEARTLINES and have recently experienced their second academies. They are Forest High and Die Fakkel in the South of Johannesburg, and Shiyane High in KwaZulu-Natal.

These schools are the subject of a rigorous evaluation process, which will show the impact that the academy has on the individuals that take part, as well as the school as a whole. One of the facilitators reported after the most recent academy that “one young lady started crying, saying that she did not deserve to be in such a beautiful place”. These three schools have already experienced many positive benefits from taking part in the programme.

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