Values & Money for schools

As part of our Values & Money Community Campaign, we host a number of events and trainings for schools, based on our resource, HEARTLINES Values & Money Challenge for Youth. Training and events include:

> School assemblies with a message challenging young people on values and money

> Life Orientation classes engaging young people in a conversation about money and values

> Training Life Orientation teachers and youth workers on how to use the HEARTLINES Values & Money Challenge for Youth.

To find out how your school can be involved, email

Values&Money Challenge



Trainings for schools

We have also provided training to many other organisations who have wanted to make use of our materials in their programmes.

stories that talk

HEARTLINES developed “Stories that Talk”, a read-aloud story book for ages 3-8, which parents, care-givers or teachers can use to encourage early literacy skills and learning around values. This book is available in all 11 offcial languages.

See our Resources page for more information on Stories that Talk.




For Older Children

HEARTLINES developed Values for Life, which is for Grades 10 and 11 Life Orientation classes. It focusses on the eight values covered in the first Heartlines campaign.

See our Resources page for more information on Values for Life.




For Teenagers

This fun, youthful magazine helps young people take action in their communities. It is a step-by-step guide to undertaking values-based projects, with inspirational stories, ideas for action and contacts. Young people in classrooms, youth groups or families can use this guide to tackle an issue they see in their school or community. See our Resources page for more information on HEARTLINES for youth.



Youth Citizens Action Programme

Using the HEARTLINES for Youth magazine as an aid for their intervention is the Youth Citizens Action Programme (YCAP) – a youth development programme that has been running in schools nationally since 2010. It is a competition to get the learners to choose a project and follow the guidelines and structure given in the HEARTLINES for Youth magazine. The learners must look at the problems in and around their school,  choose an issue they want to solve, and then put together an action plan on how to solve it. The programme is run by Empowervate, a partner NGO, and forms part of the values and civic engagement pillars within the Department of Basic Education at a national and provincial level. The sponsors at present are Deutsche Bank South Africa Foundation and UTi Mounties, and the impact, monitoring and evaluation are done by UNISA’s Communication Department pro bono.

In the past seven years, this programme has grown phenomenally. Grades 10 and 7 take part.