Integrated communities

This initiative, sale known informally as “Heartlines Comes to Town”, no rx was launched in January 2010. The intervention consists of a three year commitment to work within a defined geographical area (currently the South of Johannesburg, stuff and Chesterville in KwaZulu Natal), with the aim of improving the communication and relationships between different sectors, both public and private.

The purpose of this is to achieve a positive impact on at least one community-defined key social issue – such as crime, low employment, or community health issues. It is essentially an intervention that focuses on building, or rebuilding community and helps that community to become part of the solution to their own problems.

The programme is based on the premise that personal values are lived out in the context of relationships and are expressed in actions. We aim to shift personal ‘professed values’ into becoming ‘expressed values’ in relationships, evidenced in various community building activities.

The programme will consist of:

Phase 1: Heartlines initiates interventions for relationship building & a process for deciding the key social issue

The programme begins with a set of intensive relational interventions with the various leaders of the community. These take the form of various workshops:

Foundations of Change, a three-day getaway with a mixture of community recognised leaders that form the ‘Local Organising committee’ (LOC). This committee decides on what the key social issue of the community is and what the community will spend 3 years working together on. HEARTLINES also facilitates a process whereby the group formulates a common vision for their community.

Pioneers of Possibility, sector-specific forum that brings leaders within the same sector together e.g. Business Leaders, Faith and Community Based Organisations, Education and Civil Servants. They contribute their thinking and planning on the key social issue faced. The initial meeting of this group is also a three-day out-of-town event at a venue that lends itself to much creative relationship-building work.

Phase 2: Work on the social issue

HEARTLINES continues to assist Community based Leaders (LOC and Sector Specific leaders) to build values based communities and start to take key steps towards tackling the social issue.

Phase 3: Forming partnerships with other key partners
The introduction of selected programmes from other key organisations and continued support from HEARTLINES that contributes towards tackling the social issue.

Phase 4: Local leadership continue to drive process
The local leadership takes full responsibility for continuing to tackle the issue.

HEARTLINES is currently piloting the Integrated Community Development Programme in 2 communities, namely The South (Booysens District) and Chesterville (Cato Manor, Durban).