Churches & FBO’s


Some stories of what churches have been doing.

Our Youth here have increased their ‘outreach’ in the community. Each week they visit the local Government hospital and take practical gifts like face-towels, and ‘treats’; like bananas, biscuits, drinks… and they have ‘adopted’ three orphans from a local centre / school for children with learning difficulties. They collect to pay school fees and provide them with food each month:- Fr Gerald Evander, Catholic Church Secunda, Free State

One little boy in primary school said that he was going to offer to help at their school library to cover books for the teachers. Our church is situated on a hill in Kensington, and I believe it’s clearly God ordained for us to be a lighthouse to our community through acts of service and kindness:- Pastor Desiree, Salvation Army Kensington, Port Elizabeth

We have been busy for a while in our community with after-school programmes for primary school kids where we offer bible study and prayer; life skills in two primary schools sports; home based care; food parcels and performing arts. We challenged our kids to do something good and they decided to visit a children’s home and serve the kids there, cleaning and playing with them and also clean the garden of the day care center next door:- Zoleka Majola, Walk of Hope Church Khayelitsha, Western Cape

My group at the Seniors Home here in Thornton (Kendrick House) have started a project in the home for outreach, comfort and visiting the residents, especially those in the Frail Care section. The group has 12 members and I look forward to some wonderful results:- Rev Tony Bethke, Thornton Methodist Church, Cape Town

In our church we have a Men’s Fellowship where we empower young, unmarried men to be responsible citizens for tomorrow, and to lead successful lives in their homes, work, church and the society at large:-  Mzi Mngoma, Africa Evangelical Church, Dobsonville, Soweto

Faith-based organisations

Faith -based organisations (FBOs) are the particularly influential when  it comes to the subject of value, and thus HEARTLINES wishes to make the mass media platform as well as teaching tools available to FBO leaders. A person’s worldview or belief system will infuence his or her values, and thus life choices.

However the challenge remains in closing the gap between faith and action – to put the good values we believe in, into action. The majority of South Africans look to the author of our shared values to explore and understand issues of morality; according to the 2001 census, 83% of South Africans align themselves with one of the country’s four major religions. 79.8% of South Africans described themselves as Christian, 1.5% as Muslim, 1.2% as Hindu and 0.2% as Jewish.

HEARTLINES has met with leaders of the majority of church denominations and networks, all of whom have shown full support for this initiative. Also consulted are Hindu, Jewish and Muslim leadership, and the National Religious Leaders’ Forum (NRLF), who have welcomed a platform that can be used by all to encourage the practice of good values.