Hopeville inspires change

Hopeville inspires change

feb19NewsImage1Find yourself in Hopeville and define who you want to be in life.

This was the call from actor and comedian Desmond Dube at the launch of Hopeville, HEARTLINES’ new television series, in Sandton, Johannesburg today.

Airing on SABC 2 on 3 March Hopeville is the inspirational story of a man who despite the odds has the courage to live his values and in so doing changes a community.

Dube, who plays the role of the corrupt mayor Patrick in the series, said, “I know I don’t want to be Patrick. Every South African should watch Hopeville and ask themselves which character represents them, and more so, which character do they want to be.”

Hopeville is HEARTLINES’ latest television series aimed at inspiring people to act on their good values. During the screening of the six episode series a campaign, 6 weeks of values in action, will take place calling on South Africans to take action and do good for change, not just talk about doing good.

Speaking at the launch, HEARTLINES Director, and social change expert Dr Garth Japhet explained that in order to build the society South Africa wants to be, we need to rebuild healthy relationships at every level of society. The building blocks for healthy relationships are good values lived out every day.

“In this six week period, we are calling on people to do random acts of kindness; doing acts of kindness in a way that is unexpected such as clean up the area outside your neighbour’s house or look after the child of a single parent for the day; or to organise with others to undertake projects that will affect one or many people, such as restore a public place children used to play or paint the walls of the local school” explains Dr Japhet.

Also attending the launch were actors Fana Mokoena (The Lab, Generations, Yizo Yizo) Themba Ndaba (Generations, Streaks Ahead), Wilmien Rossouw (7de Laan) and Leleti Khumalo (Generations, Yesterday).

Said Dr Zolile Mlisana, HEARTLINES chairman, “We will only restore the broken relationships across our country if we are persuaded to act differently. To move beyond our everyday way of living, to reach out to others and connect in a way we have not done before.”

Additional information:

HEARTLINES is an NGO that started in 2002. It uses the mass media (radio and television) and training materials to help people live their good values, thereby addressing key social issues.

The reason that HEARTLINES emphasises values is because unlike other initiatives, which tend to tackle behaviour change from a health, legal and human rights perspective, HEARTLINES goes to the root cause of behaviour, namely values. HEARTLINES challenges people (irrespective of gender, age or religion) to live out positive values in a way that will build people, families, communities and the nation.

HEARTLINES’ strategy to support and inspire people to do good for change in the six weeks of values in action, from 3rd March to 7 April includes:

  • The media: In addition to the screening of Hopeville on SABC 2 at 7.30pm starting 3rd March, HEARTLINES is spearheading a campaign using “new media” including Mxit, mms, sms, e-mail and the web to encourage and inspire people to take action and do good.
  • The forgood movement: People will be encouraged to join forgood, a movement of people (already numbering more than 23 000), who are dedicated to living out their values “for good.” This is a virtual movement whereby HEARTLINES supports members through sms, e-mail and the internet to live their values and build relationships. Anyone can join by smsing GOOD to 32197 or by going online to www.forgood.co.za
  • HEARTLINES mentorship programme: One way in which people can really reach out, build relationships and make a lasting difference, is to mentor a young person. HEARTLINES has started a programme that will support people to mentor a young person that they already know. Mentors are supported by a print resource, a helpline, and ongoing e-mail and sms support. To become a mentor, people join forgood, and then specify that they want to be a mentor
  • Resources: HEARTLINES has produced resources to help young people and faith based organisations to organise themselves to do projects that will affect one or many people. They aim to reach 40 000 youth leaders and 60 000 Faith leaders in the next 12 months.
  • In 2006 HEARTLINES developed a series of 8 short films– which screened on SABC 2. This period – ‘8 weeks, 8 values, 1 national conversation’ – was very successful: the 8 films reached over 7,3 million people, resulted in over 82,000 additional acts of caring for people with HIV/AIDS and led to at least 4,5 million values related conversations.

The eight film series, which was produced by Curious Pictures won many major local and international awards.

For more information please contact:
Claire Taylor, 072 341 3898, communications@forgood.co.za or go to www.heartlines.org.za

Hopeville will screen for six weeks on SABC 2, starting Tuesday 3 March 2009 at 7h30pm.

Written by Heartlines

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