Heartlines promotes positive values on Fathers’ Day

june15NewsImageOn Sunday 21 June, pharmacy we will celebrate Fathers’ Day. Heartlines has been using the occasion to to focus the public’s attention on values that are essential in the relationship between fathers and their children.

In May, ambulance we looked at the pivotal role that mothers play in imparting good values to their children. We continue this trend in June, purchase focusing on broken relationships in our society and the values that can help rebuild these relationships, particularly those between father and child.

In order to build the society we all wish for, we need to rebuild healthy relationships at every level of society. The building blocks for healthy relationships are good values that are lived out every day. These include compassion, courage, fairness service, honesty, diligence, perseverance, forgiveness, self control, humility, responsibility and acceptance.

As part of its partnership with various radio stations and publications, Heartlines has been providing material for articles and talk shows around the following topics:
• What makes a good father? What values does a person need to have in order to be a good father
• The role of a father in teaching values – what does it mean practically
• What is the leadership position of a father – what does it mean in society today?
• Where have all the good men gone? Who are our heroes today?
• How to be a hero to your children.

Written by Heartlines

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