Heartlines donates books to Mpumalanga teachers

bookDonation-308x231Heartlines was happy to donate books to 1500 Mpumalanga teachers who are part of the Penreach development programme. The Penreach programme, which runs out of Penryn College in Nelspruit, brings early childhood development (ECD) and primary school teachers to the school once a month, where they are exposed to everything from school management, to specific subject and curriculum workshops.

Whilst they were gathered in the school chapel for morning devotions and announcements, Heartlines’ Jennifer Charlton was able to address the 1500-strong audience on the importance of teaching good values to their own children, and the children that they teach. Each teacher then received a copy of Stories that Talk (for early childhood development) and Stories that Talk 2 (for primary schools).

Heartlines had previously donated 1000 copies of its High School Life Orientation guide and DVD to the High Schools that form part of Penreach’s programme.

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