Fighting crime in the South

1_forum_workshop_eventArticleRecently, capsule the Safer South Forum hosted a workshop of all the stakeholders involved in law enforcement as well as other government departments, FBOs and NGOs working in the South.

At the workshop, it was agreed that the civil servants’ sector lacks unity amongst stakeholders, the old “silo” situation still exists; some stakeholders are duplicating work; and there is a lack of communication between stakeholders and community, to mention a few issues.
Stakeholders from the Civil Service that attended the workshop were:

  • NPA
  • SAPS
  • JMPD
  • EMS
  • Urban Management
  • Environmental Health
  • City Power
  • Jo’burg Water
  • Building Control
  • Dept of Community and Social Development
  • Communications Dept

The workshop was a great accomplishment for the South. Some stakeholders met each another for the first time and realised that their departments could be assisted by other departments in their daily tasks. Some departments have overlapping mandates and they are now planning to re-enforce and assist one another. Cathy Zam, Senior Prosecutor from the NPA believes in the concept of “Management by relationship”. So much more can be achieved through relationships with one another. This also helped to break down the silos that still exist not only between departments but also within departments.
Stakeholders addressed and planned a course of action on the following issues at the workshop:

  • Bad buildings (hi-jacked buildings as well as slum buildings)
  • Liquor outlets (illegal outlets; outlets contravening conditions of licences and laws)
  • Illegal businesses
  • Drugs
  • Second Hand goods

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