Christian Leaders Unite Against Corruption

Can a nation be saved in a day? Can South Africa be redeemed of the corruption so pervasive in many spheres of society?

Churches Against Corruption and SACLI (South African Christian Leaders Initiative) believe the answer is yes, viagra 100mg and are encouraging churches and Christians to unite and march against corruption on 30 September 2015.

As Heartlines, diagnosis the centre for values promotion, viagra 100mg we are proud to be a partner of the march against corruption. More especially, we believe in marching in favour of the values of integrity, honesty, accountability and stewardship.

 Will you join us?

Pray for our nation

If you are unable to join us, please consider dedicating 30 September as a day of prayer for our nation.

Churches Against Corruption Flyer

Pray for the following:

 1) That God would stir the whole nation to repent of corruption.

2) That God would give Christians the courage to be salt in society by engaging with other sectors as part of the Anti-Corruption march.

3) That the march will be filled with Christians singing, dancing and celebrating the forgiveness of God.

3) That church leaders will have wisdom to demonstrate to civil society, business, labour and government why repentance is important in overcoming corruption.

4) That South Africans will turn away from corruption, commit to ethics and clean living and hold one another accountable for our actions.

5) That Biblical values and ethics will be the basis of South Africa’s morality.

6) That Christian volunteers will come in numbers to serve and demonstrate love to other marchers.

7) That the Church seriously seeks the Lord in fasting and praying for the week between the Day of Atonement and the Anti-Corruption March.

8) For the spiritual and physical protection of the organising team.



Written by Heartlines

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