6 weeks

Random Acts of Kindness

  • Get to know one neighbour you don’t
  • Give a food parcel to a Homeless Talk seller
  • If it’s raining, recipe share your umbrella with someone
  • Carry shopping parcels for an older person
  • Double your tip for the petrol attendant
  • Clear your cupboards and give old clothes to a charity or needy person
  • Write a thank you letter to your parents, viagra dosage grandparents or children
  • Give a special gift to a special person even if it is not a special occasion
  • Give unused books to someone who needs them
  • Cook a meal for a neighbour
  • Keep soup packets and oranges in your car to give to beggars
  • Clean up the area outside your neighbour’s house
  • When you’re in need, allow others to help you
  • Visit an elderly person and offer to do a chore for them
  • Pay someone’s taxi fare
  • Offer to wash someone’s car
  • Thank people with a smile and wave who let you into traffic
  • Let someone else into traffic
  • Make a list with your neighbours of everyone’s email/cell numbers
  • Set up window boxes at work and plant herbs, flowers & vegetables
  • Take a plate of home-cooked food to your local police station
  • Buy a car guard a take-away meal
  • Invite a foreign family to your home for a meal
  • Smile at everyone you meet today
  • Offer to look after the child of a single parent for a day
  • Ask a homeless person their name
  • Offer to cut your neighbour’s grass/clean their pool
  • Speak to one person standing in a queue with you
  • Make contact with friends you have not spoken to for some time
  • Offer to make coffee/tea for people at work
  • Leave a note of encouragement on the desk of someone you work with
  • Buy someone milk and bread
  • Let someone take your parking space
  • Give the security guard at your work or home some food
  • Give up your seat on the bus/train
  • Try to speak to someone in their own language even if it’s not your own
  • Give a bottle of cold water to a hot and bothered taxi driver
  • Buy shoes for a beggar
  • Send food to Zimbabwe
  • Take a plant to the new neighbors to welcome them
  • Compliment someone on work done
  • Donate some groceries to a needy family
  • Find someone a job with no strings attached

Email your act of kindness to action@heartlines.org.za

OR MMS a video of your action to 082 008 0335

OR SMS your action to 32197


For stories of what YOU have been doing, click here…

Watch comedians like Desmond Dube, Kagiso Lediga and Chris Forrest doing random acts of kindness on YouTube (Heartlines SA)

Acts of kindness for children

  • Pack an extra sandwich in your child’s lunchbox for a child at school who does not bring lunch.
  • Offer to read to children at your local library once a month
  • Give food parcels to orphan-households
  • Visit the children’s ward at your nearest provincial hospital and read to and play with the child/ren who have no visitors
  • Look through your child’s toys and books and take those still in good condition and with which your child does not play to your local children’s home.
  • Don’t give money to children begging at robots and intersections – give a sandwich or fruit instead
  • Ask your nearest children’s home if you can help one hour a week with homework
  • Give your child a hug – in fact several
  • Pack a surprise picnic for your children one warm evening – even if you eat it in your own backyard.
  • Make friends with your neighbor whose baby cries a lot – and ask her if you can rock the pram for her to give her a break and soothe the baby.
  • Find something to compliment in your child every day
  • Share a funny joke with a child and laugh together.

Good Citizen Tips:

  • Report crime and send anonymous tip-offs to Crime Line
  • Call the police if you see someone in distress
  • Send your domestic worker to local security meetings
  • Report street lights that don’t work
  • Volunteer to help coach a sports team or run a drama/art group at your local school